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Mico's Micro Farm

Microgreens Starter Kit

Microgreens Starter Kit

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At Home Kit

Embark on a journey of green living and wholesome eating with the Microgreens Starter Kit from Mico’s Micro Farm. This kit is your all-in-one solution to growing fresh, nutrient-dense microgreens right in the comfort of your home, tailored for both beginners and seasoned garden lovers. With everything you need to get started, growing your own microgreens has never been easier or more enjoyable.


  • a reusable grow tray 
  • a self-watering bottom tray
  • premium non-GMO seeds
  • organic soil
  • a misting bottle
  • precision shears
  • plus a straightforward instruction guide

Packed with health benefits, our Starter Kit allows you to harvest microgreens in just 7-10 days, offering a quick and easy way to boost your meals with up to 40 times the nutrients found in fully grown vegetables. It's designed for convenience, requiring minimal space and no special lighting, making it perfect for busy individuals or those with limited gardening space. By choosing our sustainable and eco-friendly kit, you're not just nurturing your body with superfoods but also making a positive impact on the environment. Start your microgreen garden with Mico’s Micro Farm's Starter Kit and transform your kitchen into a vibrant oasis of health and vitality.

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