Our Story

Once, in a cozy town, there lived a family whose love knew no bounds, especially for their young son whose health had become a source of worry. Troubled by his illness linked to mold exposure, Halie and Ricardo embarked on a journey to find a solution, a journey that led them to the vibrant world of microgreens.

Their discovery was more than just a leafy revelation; it was a beacon of hope. Microgreens, with their dense nutritional value and healing properties, seemed like nature's own remedy. But what started as a quest for health turned into a passion for understanding the very essence of what we eat.

One sunny day, filled with curiosity and a desire to learn, they took their son to a local seed supplier. This wasn't just any field trip; it was the beginning of a beautiful transformation. As their son's eyes widened with wonder amidst the seeds and saplings, a seed of inspiration was planted in their hearts too. His curiosity about food's origins and growth ignited a family dream.

Back at home, this dream sprouted in their spare bedroom, just a small rack of microgreens gently bathing in light. Day by day, leaf by leaf, their passion grew, just like their microgreens. Their son's health began to blossom, a living testament to the power of these tiny greens.

Word of their endeavor spread through the community. What started in a small room soon outgrew its space. Halie and Ricardo's commitment and dedication eventually led them to a warehouse, transforming Mico's Micro Farm into a beacon of health and sustainability.

Now, they service over 25 local restaurants, and their reach extends nationwide. Each microgreen is a symbol of their journey: from a family's love and a child's curiosity to a thriving business that not only nourishes bodies but also enriches souls.

Mico's Micro Farm stands today not just as a business, but as a story of hope, healing, and the unyielding power of nature. It's a reminder that sometimes, the smallest things can make the biggest impact.