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Mico's Micro Farm

Hormone Harmony Seed Pack

Hormone Harmony Seed Pack

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Embrace wellness directly from your garden with Mico’s Micro Farm's Hormone Harmony Seed Pack, a masterfully assembled blend of broccoli, cabbage, and kale seeds. This exclusive mix is specifically designed to nurture your body's natural balance, featuring non-GMO and organically sourced seeds that ensure a safe and healthy cultivation process.

Our Hormone Harmony Blend is more than just seeds; it's a step towards holistic health. Each seed variety has been chosen for its nutrient-rich profile and potential to support hormonal health, offering a natural way to enhance well-being through your diet. Easy to cultivate across different gardening levels and environments, these seeds grow into lush greens that are as beneficial to your health as they are pleasing to the palate. Begin your journey to a balanced lifestyle with our Hormone Harmony Seed Pack, and let your garden be a source of both sustenance and serenity.

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