About Us

Cultivating Nature's Essence, One Leaf at a Time 

At Mico's Micro Farm, we've redefined the art of microgreen cultivation, setting new standards of excellence that embrace sustainability, purity, and community nourishment. We are more than just a microgreen business – we are guardians of the environment, stewards of health, and champions of community well-being.

Elevating Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond buzzwords. It's ingrained in every seed we sow and every leaf we harvest. With unwavering dedication, we've woven sustainability into the very fabric of our practices. From the moment we source our seeds to the final plating, we prioritize eco-conscious choices that tread gently on our planet. Our microgreens are a testament to a greener future.

 The Purity Promise: Purity isn't just a quality; it's our creed. We have relentlessly pursued the purest microgreens, ensuring that each leaf embodies nature's essence. Our rigorous sourcing process handpicks the highest quality seeds and soil, nurturing microgreens that burst forth with vitality. The result? Microgreens that are a symphony of flavor, nutrition, and purity.

The Elixir of Life: Water, the elixir of life, is the foundation of our microgreen mastery. Thank you to our partners at ENEVIVE for providing the cutting-edge water filtration system ensures that each microgreen is nourished by the purest water, untainted by chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. This meticulous approach doesn't just yield microgreens – it yields micro-art, each leaf a testament to our commitment to purity.

Nourishing Roots, Building Community: We believe in nurturing both bodies and communities. Our Greenskeepers Program embodies this belief by nourishing not only your palate but also the community around us. With every purchase, you contribute to a movement that saves thousands of pounds of plastic waste from languishing in landfills. Together, we're growing a healthier world, one microgreen at a time.

Join us in our journey of cultivating nature's essence, where sustainability, purity, and community intertwine. Together, we're sowing the seeds of a brighter, greener future.


Contact us at info@micosmicrofarm.com